Board of directors

Ryan Lindenbach

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Thomas Ferris

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Marc Boissonneault

Marc is a franco-ontarian originally from Northern Ontario and has been living in Sault-Sainte-Marie for over 15 years. He has a B.A specialized in psychology as well as a Masters in Business Administration. He works as a manager in the Ontario Public Service and also works as reservist with the cadets of Sault-Sainte-Marie. Marc has been participating at the Centre francophone for many years and continues to play an active role on the Board of Directors as secretary.

Melynne McLeod

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Colette Chiarello

Colette, married for 25 years, mother of two sons ages 20 and 23, is originally from Sault-Sainte-Marie is very at home in our francophone community where she contributes to her growth by her participation in a multitude avec cultural events. She is currently secretary at l’École publique Écho-des-Rapides, one of our growing francophone schools here in the Sault. She loves everything that allows her to explore her creativity, including working with young kids. She properly plays her role as leader at our preschool program, Le coin des petits. Colette shares her talents with us, including her angelic voice followed by her ukulele. In order to adapt to the pandemic, the program is now presented virtually once a month on the Centre francophone’s Facebook page. She is very grateful and happy to be able to collaborate with the Centre francophone and to contribute to the growth of our beautiful diverse community.

Susie Lauzon

Susie Lauzon is the Executive director for CÉFA, a non-profit French adult education centre serving Sault-Sainte-Marie and its surrounding area. She holds a degree in Business Administration from Algoma University. She has worked in the non-profit sector for more than twenty years and has gained experience in a variety of sectors ranging from economic development, gaming development, and ministry programs. She also has experience in the for-profit sector in areas of trucking, tourism and retail. Susie is pleased to work with the Centre francophone’s team, drawing on her experience to help further its goals.

Janik Guy

Janik Guy is a planning and community engagement for the Algoma area at the Réseau du mieux-être francophone du Nord de l’Ontario. She is also responsible for mental health files as well as long term care within the organism. Janik holds a bachelor’s degree in Public communications and Journalistic studies at Laurentian University. Within her professional experiences, she has worked as special assistant at the Member of Parliament of Nickel Belt as well as coordinator for public relations, and events at the Maison McCulloch Hospice. She strongly believes that arts, language and culture play an important role for vibrant communities, and she supports many organisations that hold to heart these

Jean-Paul Dubreuil

Jean-Paul, originally from Dubreuilville, is father of 4 kids and grandfather of 9 grand kids. He has been an active member of the CFSSM’s board of directors for many years. He is very passionate about the historical events surrounding the francophone culture, especially here in Sault-Sainte-Marie. Now retired, Jean-Paul has worked over 25 years, all while volunteering in his community, mainly at the hospital. Jean-Paul has actively protested for many years of his life in order to contribute to the justice and growth of his francophone community.

Jessica Torrance

Originally from Dubreuilville, Jessica grew up in a francophone environment. She arrived in Sault-Sainte-Marie 7 years ago, and currently works at École publique Écho-des-Rapides. Jessica quickly invested herself within the community as well as the Centre francophone de Sault-Sainte-Marie as a member of our Board of Directors. Her francophone culture is something she holds to heart and she wishes to share this passion with all francophones and francophiles of the area. She also wishes to communicate this culture to our youth who will eventually take over as active members of the community. Jessica likes to give her time and energy to the Centre francophone in order to offer a wide range of activities and festivals who will please all and help open their eyes to the francophone community.

Isabelle Michaud

Isabelle is on the board of directors because she has a strong passion for her francophone community and she wants to fight for our rights to be active and present, here in Sault-Sainte-Marie. She wishes that our community is held to the same title as any other community. Isabelle shares : « Our common voice has many accents and can be expressed in thousands of possible ways. We are optimistic people of integrity. We have a lot to say! I am proud to be a part of the CFSSM. » 

Our team


Valérie Legrand

Originally from North Bay, it is with great enthusiasm that Valérie joins the francophone community of Sault-Sainte-Marie as coordinator for the Centre francophone de Sault-Sainte-Marie. She is currently a student at the University of Ottawa and is in the process of completing her bachelor’s degree specializing in mathematics. She desires to one day pursue a teaching career in northern Ontario at a secondary school. Valérie is very passionate about music and the franco-ontarian culture. She shares : « The franco-ontarian culture is a lot more than just a culture, it is a way of living, a community and an enriched sense of belonging. » This passion within her will surely be present at the center as well as all of our activities! Come and see her at the center Monday to Thursday from 1pm to 5pm!