About us

Founded in 1982, the Centre francophone de Sault-Sainte-Marie is a cultural and community centre which, through its programming, activities and partnerships, assures the vitality, the expansion, and the renewal of our cultural and linguistic heritage while strengthening a sense of belonging and francophone pride.

Mission et vision

The Francophone center of Sault Ste. Marie is a non-profit organization whose leadership and community commitment inspire and favour cultural, social and family development in order to promote francophone culture in the region.The Centre francophone de Sault-Sainte-Marie aims to:

  • Promote and enrich the Franco-Ontarian culture in the francophone community by offering various cultural, social and educational activities.
  • Ensure the vitality of the French culture by inviting students and young adults to participate in activities and events organized by the Francophone center.
  • Coordinate a common effort to foster cooperation and solidarity between Francophone and Anglophone organizations as well as with any other ethnic organization.
  • Welcome and help integrate new francophone residents to the Sault Ste. Marie region.